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Cover-Up Preparation

Ready for the perfect tattoo.

The perfect

Preparation for Cover-Up

A high-quality cover-up tattoo often requires the lightening of the complete old tattoo or individual elements of it. INK FREE helps you create the perfect foundation for your new tattoo to make your new favorite motif as detailed and engaging as possible.

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Every cover-up preparation at ink free requires a thorough consultation. It is important to us that we understand your goals and wishes regarding the new tattoo and the resulting requirements. Together with you we will find the optimal solution for your request.


Icon Tattoo Analyse

Our ink free experts will analyze the texture of your old tattoo. Particularly important is the color and the approximate depth with which the tattoo was engraved to ensure you optimal results.


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Based on your individual analysis, treatment is provided by our healthcare professionals. We attach great importance to hygiene and professional implementation. If desired, the affected area may be treated with an anesthetic ointment before treatment.

The Cover-Up Preparation

How does the brightening / removal work?

Farbpigmente werden in die Haut tattowiert

The color pigments are tattooed in the middle skin layer. These are too big to be broken down by the body itself and thus remain permanently in the skin

Farbpigmente werden aufgespalten

Through targeted laser pulses, the color particles are heated for a fraction of a second, causing them to break up and disintegrate into smaller parts.

Aufgespaltene Farbpigmente werden abtransportiert

The resulting very fine color particles can now be transported away from the body’s own lymphatic system and leave the skin layer.

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Before and after pictures of laser treatment

Satisfied INK FREE Customer

Cover-Up Vorbereitung Fortschritt
Cover-Up Aufhellung Blume
Cover-Up Kolibri


Icon consultation discussion FAQ

Frequently asked questions about tattoo removal, cover-up preparation and PMU removal.


Icon laser technology

The most effective method for the gentle removal of pigmentation and tattoos 


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Look at pictures of some INK-FREE customers before and after and see for yourself.


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Information and price examples of the laser treatment for a first orientation.


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