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Trust the experts of ink free and our more than 15 years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine. Treatment costs are highly dependent on individual factors. We are pleased to invite you to a consultation in order to assess the costs incurred individually.

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Factors influencing the price


Icon Tattoo size

The most important influencing factor on the price of a laser therapy is the size of the tattoo. During treatment, high-energy light pulses are transmitted to the skin to destroy the color particles contained therein. The larger a tattoo, the more light pulses have to be delivered. This increases the cost and the duration of the treatment


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The stitch depth of the tattoo is also a decisive factor. Professionally engraved tattoos are usually very deep in the skin so that the color as long as possible without bleaching. The light pulses therefore reach the pigments worse, more sessions are needed. Superficially engraved tattoos can be removed faster and therefore cheaper.


Icon age of tattoo

For relatively freshly tattooed tattoos, the color has not finally settled in the skin. This makes it easier to remove the tattoo. If you are therefore not satisfied with your freshly tattooed tattoo, they agree promptly a consultation. Together we will find a suitable solution for your request. We look forward to you.


Icon Tattoo color

Dark colors are easier to remove than light ones. The dark color pigments absorb the laser light better than bright, creating a stronger photo-mechanical effect. Monochrome tattoos are also easier to remove than colorful ones. However, with our technologies, all colors can be treated and successfully removed.

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Frequently asked questions about tattoo removal, cover-up preparation and PMU removal.


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The most effective method for the gentle removal of pigmentation and tattoos 


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