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  • Why INK FREE?
  • How many laser treatments are necessary?
  • How does the removal / lightening of a tattoo work?
  • How does the removal of PMU work?
  • Is the tattoo removal painful?
  • Which lasers do we use?
  • Can all colors and tattoos be completely removed?
  • What should I consider before and after treatment?
  • How much is the treatment?

INK FREE is the # 1 in the Rhein-Neckar district when it comes to the scar-free and complete removal or lightening of tattoos or permanent make-up. Trust our positive reviews and the experiences of our customers.

How many laser treatments are necessary?

The exact number of treatments required depends on several factors. The amount of color incorporated, the color and the size of the tattoo plays a decisive role. For superficially pierced, small tattoos or permanent make-up usually 3-6 treatments are sufficient. For professionally tattooed tattoos usually 6-12 treatments are necessary for complete removal. Treatments should be done in a 4-6 week circle so that your skin has enough time to regenerate.

How does the removal / lightening of a tattoo work?

When tattooing the color is inserted through the needle in the middle skin layer. The color particles are so large that the body’s own phagocytes can not break them down. The color particles encapsulate and thus remain in the skin. The laser light splits up these color particles so that they can be attacked by the phagocytes and thus be slowly transported away via the body’s own lymphatic system.

How does the removal of PMU work?

The removal of PMU is based on the same principle as the tattoo removal. The color pigments in the skin are broken up by light pulses and transported away by the body’s own system. For years INK FREE has specialized in the efficient and gentle removal of permanent make-up and microblading. The hair roots of the eyebrows are neither removed, nor must the hairs of the brows be shaved before treatment.

Is the tattoo removal painful?

Pain sensitivity is very individual in humans, which is why the treatment is perceived differently. Often the pain is compared with those at the stinging of the tattoo. With high sensitivity to pain, we offer our customers to superficially numb the area to be treated with a special ointment.

Which lasers do we use?

INK FREE works with both the ND-YAG laser and the modern Picolaser. This promises by its even shorter pulse width a more effective and faster removal of the tattoo than all comparable lasers on the market. The ND-YAG laser, on the other hand, has proven itself in the treatment of punctate colors. With the modern laser technologies used at INK FREE all colors and tattoos can be removed.

Can all colors and tattoos be completely removed?

With our technologies it is possible to treat all colors.

What should I consider before and after treatment?

You should avoid sun exposure as much as possible, both before and during treatment, to prevent pigmentation problems. For tanning sessions, the treated areas can be completely masked. It is also possible to take a break for treatment for any holiday. You should then cream the treated area well (SPF 50+) and reduce sun exposure to a minimum.

How much is the treatment?

The prices for a tattoo or permanent make-up removal vary and are individually different. They depend on the size, quality and color of the tattoo.

Treatment costs start at 50 euros per session for small motifs.

We can provide you with a specific cost estimate during a consultation after analyzing your pigmentation.


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