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You want to part with one of your tattoos but still have many questions about it? No problem, ink free is happy to assist you on your journey to remove unwanted tattoos.

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INK FREE is the #1 in the Rhein-Neckar district when it comes to scar-free and complete removal or lightening of tattoos or permanent makeup. Trust our positive reviews and the experiences of our patients.

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How many laser treatment sessions are necessary?

The exact number of necessary treatments depends on various factors. The amount of ink, the color, and the size of the tattoo play a crucial role. For superficial, small tattoos, or permanent makeup, usually 3-6 treatments are sufficient. Professionally done tattoos often require 6-12 treatments for complete removal. Ideally, there should be at least 4 weeks between each treatment to allow your skin enough time to regenerate.

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How does the removal / lightening work?

During tattooing, the ink is injected into the middle layer of the skin by the needle. The ink particles are too large for the body’s immune cells to break down. Instead, the ink particles encapsulate themselves, remaining in the skin. Laser light breaks down these ink particles, making them accessible to immune cells. This process allows the particles to be gradually removed through the body’s lymphatic system.

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How does PMU work?

The removal of PMU (Permanent Makeup) is based on the same principle as tattoo removal. The color pigments in the skin are broken down by light pulses and transported away by the body’s own system. INK FREE has been specializing in the efficient and gentle removal of Permanent Makeup and Microblading for years. Neither are the hair roots of the eyebrows removed, nor do the eyebrow hairs need to be shaved before the treatment.

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Is the tattoo removal painful?

The sensitivity to pain is very individual among people, which is why the treatment is perceived differently. Pain is often compared to that experienced during the tattooing process. For those with high sensitivity to pain, we offer our patients the option to superficially numb the treated area with a special ointment.

Which laser do we use?

INK FREE uses both the ND-YAG laser and the modern Picolaser. The Picolaser, with its even shorter pulse width, promises more effective and faster tattoo removal than any comparable laser on the market. On the other hand, the ND-YAG laser has proven itself in the treatment of specific colors. With the modern laser technologies used at INK FREE, all colors and tattoos can be removed.

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Can all colors and tattoos be completely removed?

With our technologies, it is possible to treat all colors.

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What should I consider before and after the treatment?

You should avoid sun exposure both before and during the treatment to prevent pigment disturbances. During visits to the solarium, the treated areas can be completely covered. It is also possible to take a break from the treatment for a vacation. In this case, you should apply a good sunscreen (SPF 50+) to the treated area and minimize sun exposure.

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What does the treatment cost?

The prices for tattoo or permanent makeup removal vary and are individually different. They depend on the size, quality, and color of the tattoo.

We can provide you with a non-binding cost estimate during a consultation after analyzing your pigmentation.

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