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The Picolaser

With Ink Free you have the opportunity to be treated with the most modern technology available. The pulse length of the picosecond laser is one hundred times smaller than the comparable laser technologies (YAG laser) and corresponds to a picosecond (one trillionth of a second).

This ultra-short light pulse with a very high peak impact of laser energy on the skin creates an extremely effective photomechanical effect that breaks up the color pigments in the skin better than other laser technologies. As a result, the shredded color pigments can be transported away from the body even better and faster. This ultimately results in a more effective and faster removal of the pigmentation.
Effectively. Fast. Reliable

The Picolaser

The Picolaser also has an above-average efficiency in all colors (see graphic “laser types“) and is therefore particularly well suited for colorful tattoos. The majority of Ink Free customers are already relying on this modern, effective technology. Start your treatment directly with the picolaser or switch to your next treatment.


Already 76% of the InkFree customers rely on our Picolaser



Neodymium YAG laser stands for Neodymium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser. It is a solid-state laser that releases extremely short high-energy light pulses with a specific wavelength. The great advantage of this laser technology: Each set wavelength has a selective effect on a specific color, this allows targeted, punctual treatment.


The picosecond laser, which was developed specifically for aesthetic medicine, removes tattoos more reliably, faster and painless than ever before. This laser also releases extremely short light pulses. However, the pulse width of this technology is a hundred times smaller than that of nanotechnology (e.g., ND-YAG laser), which provides a particularly strong photomechanical effect, which is significantly stronger than that of the nanosecond laser. As a result, the color pigments are split even finer and can be transported away from the body easier and faster.
Colored tattoos

Which laser is suitable

Basically, different colors can be better or worse removed with certain technologies. For example, black can be easily removed by almost any laser technology. In our graphic we have created an overview in which you can see which laser is best for removing a particular color. The ND-YAG and Picolaser we use have the widest range of applications.

Functionality Laser therapy

Farbpigmente werden aufgespalten und abtransportiert

The tattoo artist pierces the color pigments in the middle skin layer. These are too big to be broken down by the body itself and thus remain permanently in the skin

Through targeted laser pulses, the color particles are heated for a fraction of a second, causing them to break up and disintegrate into smaller parts.

The resulting very fine color particles can now be transported away from the body’s own lymphatic system and leave the skin layer.


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