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Laser removal

Microblading / Permanent Make-Up

Do you have a permanent make-up or microblading that you do not like? If you are looking for a natural look or if pigmentation is simply not the right shape, then ink free will help you with our modern and skin-friendly laser removal.

PMU-E removal eyebrow

Getting rid of the pigmentation on the eyebrows very easily? It is a process similar to removing make-up. We remove a once pricked permanent make-up gently and effectively. The eyebrow tattoo no longer has to last forever. Rather, after a treatment with us, it is possible to either have a new stitch or to keep the eyebrows in their natural shape. With the pioneering Picolaser technology we laser your eyebrows effectively and very gently.

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We advise you without obligation regarding a laser removal. A permanent make-up or microblading can become a burden if it does not like anymore or has become old and unsightly. We can liberate you from this burden with state-of-the-art technology.

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Our INK FREE experts analyze the texture of your pigmentation and the applied color. Together we will decide on the right technique and the optimal treatment start so that we achieve the best result.

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Depending on the size of the pigmentation, treatment takes only a few minutes. For your safety, wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from the laser beams. If necessary, the treated area can also be cooled or stunned, we will inform you as part of the consultation. The following explains the exact technical procedure of laser therapy.

The Removal process

How does the laser removal work?

Color pigments are tattooed into the skin

The pigmentation is incorporated into the middle skin layer. The individual color pigments are too large to be broken down by the body itself and thus remain permanently in the skin

Color pigments are split

Through targeted energy pulses, the color particles are heated for a fraction of a second, so that they are broken up and crushed.

Divided color pigments are removed

The resulting very fine color particles can now be transported away from the body’s own lymphatic system and leave the skin layer.

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Before / After Documentation

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Removal of PMU eyebrows before after
Removal of PMU  lips before after
Removal of PMU before after


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Frequently asked questions about tattoo removal, cover-up preparation and PMU removal.


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The most effective method for the gentle removal of pigmentation and tattoos 


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Look at pictures of some INK-FREE customers before and after and see for yourself.


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Information and price examples of the laser treatment for a first orientation.

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